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Anita Pásztor

My name is Anita Pasztor. I am an attorney by profession specialized in international business law. After I graduated at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, (ELTE), Hungary’s oldest, largest and most prestigious university, started its 382nd academic year in 2017 I have acquired an LL.M. diploma (Master of Laws that is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree) in international business law at the Central European University, Budapest and acquired the Diploma in Management Studies at the Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, England. I have been working either as an in-house lawyer as head of the legal department or senior lawyer of different multinational business organization for 20 years. Currently I operate my own law firm in Budapest. I have always been interested in fashion as an art. My grandmother on my mother’s side was a single mother raising three kids in the 1940-50-60. She earned her living by sewing at home in her tiny kitchen. I remember watching her working on her Singer sewing machine that was at that time to be moved by her feet while I was doing my mathematics homework in the background. Everything she made was perfect in form and in its make. My grandmother on my father’s side used to make duvets from silk for sale and she could do everything with her hands such as knitting, crocheting and macramé. She has taught me to do all of these. As my mother became a single mother too with four children, who apart from being a dentist was able to sew, knit, crochet and make macramé, taught me how to sew and allowed me to make mistakes while I was acquiring sewing techniques. Soon at my early adolescence I was able to sew costumes, coats, blouses, dresses, skirts, trousers for myself and for my mother and knit pullovers for my boyfriend and myself. I am greatful for my mother’s generosity in having to allow me to make mistakes on her very tight budget as later I have realized how important it has been on my learning path. In my law profession I have been fascinated by the ability and opportunity of solving complex matters creatively by my intellect. Next to this kind of creativity all through my adulthood I have always felt the need to be creative with my hands. I am interested in interior design and I am the student of KLC School of Design London. The collection I am going to show at the Monte Carlo Fashion Week is my very first collection which has been born out of my desire to create art and beauty aiming to create haute couture clothes depicting all the influences of my heritage from my grandmothers and my mother and that I have gathered by watching art in any form. I regard fashion as a form of art and fashion designers artists. No artist would like to disappoint its audience as art could not possibly aim other than giving away beauty and peace apart from self-assurance. While I have had little time to explore my ideas through my first collection I am extremely fascinated to look into the future to see what the techniques I already know and other techniques I will acquire in the future hold for me and how I can express through them my ideas and cause warmth beauty and contentment to my audience. Currently I am enrolled for a course of how to develop a luxury brand and my plan is to enroll for a course of haute couture making techniques in the near future. I have collaboration with Högl, the Austrian shoe making company. They will support my collection at the Monte Carlo Fashion Week. A new collection is going to be presented in Budapest at Christmas 2017 at one of the largest Hungarian Bank’s Christmas event for its VIP customers. I run my company with my husband who is responsible for business ideas and their coming alive and who has an outstanding affiliation to and interest in fashion and beauty and he is my help intellectually, emotionally and financially and the greatest help for me I have ever had in my life. Working together with him in realization of my dreams is a great gift for me the importance of which I am fully aware in today’s world. We raise 5 children together. I find the Monte Carlo Fashion Week and its outstanding desire to deliver to its participants high level of service a great opportunity to show my first collection to the public.

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